Healing in the Tarot…

IMG_4012Which Tarot cards most say “Healing” to you?

I mean, you could make almost any card fit in as part of a healing context, depending on how hard you want to work at it, but which two or three immediately jump out at you here?

For me, it’s Temperance in first place. This isn’t the card’s only meaning for me – I see it as being about synthesis and alchemy – but the Temperance-Angel just radiates both compassion *and* the ability to whip up the perfect Medicine, so…  Runners-up for me are The Star and the Queen of Cups. The Aces and other Queens also fit in here without too much struggle. I could go on, but…

How about you – what are your primary “Healing” cards…??


    • The Death card — wow, very interesting choice! I can see how that might be a good one for putting unhelpful stuff to rest, which can aid with healing in a big way…

      Class is going well, thanks! Two done now, and we’re really enjoying it, and getting pretty good feedback so far. We do still have some issues occasionally with the audio on AnyMeeting, but otherwise, we feel good about it (especially considering it’s our first time doing this, *and* we launched it during Mercury Retrograde!). Thanks again for your help with “beta testing” before we kicked off the actual class, too!

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