Odin’s Day

IMG_4022It’s Wednesday…so here’s a fun Wednesday fact… Did you know that Wednesday is named for Odin, the King of the Norse Pantheon of Deities? An incredibly complex and compelling figure, Odin is, among other things, a God of knowledge, magic, war, language, and certain aspects of the afterlife. He has as familiars a pair of Ravens, a pair of Wolves, and an eight-legged Horse, and he also has in his possession a magic Spear and an enchanted Armband. A constant seeker of wisdom, Odin gave up one of his eyes as the price for drinking from a sorcerous wellspring of knowledge, and he engaged in a ritual in which he gored himself with his Spear, then hung himself on the great World Tree for nine days and nights, and at the conclusion of this ordeal, the Runes – an ancient alphabet that represented the birth of written language into existence – appeared on the ground below him. His name in Old English was Woden…so, Woden’s Day then —> Wednesday now. Happy Odin’s Day, everyone!

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