Sub-groupings of Tarot Cards

IMG_4030Homework for the Tarot Toolkit online course this week involved separating the deck into its main four component parts – Majors, Aces, Numbered Cards, and Court Cards – and then jotting down some gut-level responses to them, independent of standard accepted “book meanings.”

Majors: My favorite subset of the cards. Many focus on central figures, archetypes. These characters feel like they’re grander than we are, like Deities from some undiscovered Pantheon. When they speak, we need to listen. They represent forces that come with capital letters, like Karma, Chance, Time, Order and Chaos – Very Big Stuff.

Aces: The fuel cells that power the Suits. They’re the starting points, ground zero, square one. They’re undiluted and pure. Basic. Primal.

Numbered Cards: These detail everyday human business. Mundane experiences happen here. This is where we do our chores, eat, sleep, run errands, make small talk, stand in line. We also make larger life decisions and take action here, but even then, this card subset is more often about consensus reality than anything else.

Court Cards: Once my least favorite sub-group, I’m learning to appreciate them more. I’ve always liked the Queens, but the others often rubbed me the wrong way in the past, and not because they were tough to read – they just annoyed me as characters. Like, if I saw them at a party, I’d maybe look for other people to chat with instead. Studying them more intently has helped, and I now see them as cool ways for examining presences of the Four Elements in a reading.

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