Rock Star Tarot Spread

IMG_4060Welcome to the first-ever installment of #newspreadsaturday!  Over on Instagram — where my username is (come find me and link up with me there if you like!) — I’m now co-hosting this monthly photo-challenge with Tabitha Dial, the North Star Muse.  You can find her @tabithadial

The idea is that on the final Saturday of each month, anyone who feels like participating can create an original Tarot spread — any theme, any size, any level of complexity — and then post it on IG, tagging it using the hashtag up above in the first sentence of this post.  I’d been casting about for something super-deep and mystical to use in launching this escapade, but then this spread suggested itself to me as I surfaced from sleep two days ago, and it seemed to need to be the one to come forth at this time.  Therefore, I give you: the Rock Star Spread!

2016 has already been a tragic young year for quite a few of our musical heroes. Can you step up and add some rock star energy of your own to help fill this unexpected void?

1 = Your Rock Star Persona. What kind of star archetype are you? The flashy, showboating dazzler? The moody shoe-gazer? The edgy rebel? What’s your rock star vibe?

2 = Your Song. What message do you carry into the world? Poetry? Protest? Comfort? Sweetness? What do you say that makes people listen?

3 = Your Stage. What enables you to be seen and heard? What promotes you and your message? What’s your platform?

4 = Your Roadies. Who helps you out behind the scenes, doing the necessary grunt work in the shadows so that you can shine in the spotlight?

5 = Your Audience. What kind of person most needs to hear what you have to say? Who will best receive what you’re transmitting? Who are your die-hard fans?

Step up and belt out. For David Bowie…for Glenn Frey…for Paul Kantner…for you and for the rest of us…be a rock star!

2 thoughts on “Rock Star Tarot Spread

    1. Thanks, Katzi! It was fun to work it out after I got the idea. I had wanted something all super-metaphysical to use in launching our “New Spread Saturday” monthly event on Instagram, but this idea popped into my head first, and I didn’t want to diss it… Glad you like it!

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