IMG_4072I have this geeky habit of trying to spot Tarot manifestations out in consensus-reality. It can be tough to find totally pure examples of a card, a Suit, etc., but you can find hybrids and such. Like how here it occurs to me that a drum is essentially a fusion of a Cup and a Pentacle (or a Disk, really) that’s stretched across the open mouth of that Cup. More of these kinds of posts are likely to follow in the days to come – you’ve been warned!

2 thoughts on “Tarot in the “Real” World…

    1. Glad to hear I’m not alone in this, Cheryl! Yeah, I do this all the time, much like I make anagrams in my head out of words I see, or I read them backwards…geeky, but I like to think it keeps my brain limber…;)

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