4 of Cups

IMG_4122The 4 of Cups is a really interesting card.

The 4’s in general speak of stability. But while stability is often great and desirable, it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing. Check out the guy in this card, for example: he has so much stability (and resources, captured here in the forms of the three Cups arranged in front of him) that he’s bored out of his mind.

He’s so bored, in fact, and so jaded and uninspired, that he doesn’t even notice the small miracle playing itself out a few feet away from him. There’s a smaller-scale version of one of the Aces manifesting itself right there. No, it’s not a giant, disembodied Hand taking up most of the sky-space in sight while it inserts a Suit-emblem into Reality, as you’d find in any of the Aces, but even a miniature version of that kind of phenomenon should generate some amount of legitimate awe, shouldn’t it? I mean, *I’ve* never seen a disembodied hand – even a human-sized one – pop into this plane of existence from Elsewhere in order to slide some object into this Universe. I’d find that literally astonishing.

But here’s this poor, malaise-ridden figure, so mired in his doldrums that he can’t see the Sublime happening almost literally right under his nose. *That’s* the kind of existential stagnation that this card can be indicating when it appears in a reading…

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