Affinity Cards

IMG_4140One of the latest homework assignments in the Tarot Toolkit online course is to work with your Affinity Cards. These are the ones that, pretty much right from the get-go, have jumped out at you as being especially intriguing, appealing, and all-around sensational. You like them…you want to hang out with them…maybe you want to be like them.

When you examine why it is that you feel these affinities with these specific cards, you uncover a lot of valuable information about yourself. Tarot is outstanding for self-awareness!

This post captures my top Affinity Cards: The Hanged Man (I am him), and The Star and The High Priestess (I want to spend my time in their company). Runners-up would include The Moon, The Hermit, and The Magician, and arguably a few others.

What are your Affinity Cards?

3 thoughts on “Affinity Cards

    1. Oops — my original reply was me experiencing a bit of a brain spasm, and I was taking your comment as a list of cards that you *don’t* like. This was prompted by a) the fact that I was then prepping today’s post about Antipathy Cards (i.e., the ones we don’t care for), so that was on my mind, and b) The Hierophant is actually my own primary Antipathy Card! How interesting that he stands as one of the cards you like the best! I love comparing notes with people on these kinds of things, as we’re all so very different! I’ll be extremely curious to learn what your Antipathy Cards might be if you care to share on that post’s subject matter…

      1. Also fascinating that you list Death as one of your Affinity Cards — most people seem to find that one difficult/scary (I’m cool with it, myself — I’m a big-time Scorpio, and it intrigues me)…

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