Antipathy Cards

IMG_4149More homework from the Tarot Toolkit online course! As opposed to the task of working with Affinity Cards – the ones you’re most naturally drawn to – here the idea is to spend some time with those cards that provoke the most intense natural aversions in you. These are the cards that repulse and repel you…the ones that irritate and annoy, that chafe and abrade. Try to understand why it is that they so rub you the wrong way, and this may lead to revelations about your own psychological make-up.

My two greatest natural Antipathy Cards have always been The Hierophant and The Emperor. Taking note of this led me to understand that while I’m not some obvious rebel-type…I also pretty much don’t like male authority figures. I don’t always enjoy female authority figures, either, but their odds of winning me over are better. Basically, I don’t like self-important people, even when others agree on their importance, and I *really* don’t like dudes trying to tell me what to do. Understanding this in concrete terms has been very illuminating!

Happily, working with these cards after arming myself with some of this new self-knowledge has enabled me to broaden my understanding and my appreciation of them.  My initial responses were aimed at the more negative manifestations of Hierophant and Emperor energies in the world…and I hadn’t been allowing myself to include their more positive possible incarnations.  Working with multiple decks, though, and seeing various other depictions of these characters helped me greatly in this, as did reading thoughts on these cards by people who were more naturally predisposed to see them in a favorable light…

What are your Antipathy Cards?

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    1. I had some issues with the Pages for quite a while, myself, Cheryl! I made some strides in opening myself up to their finer qualities by working with various other decks, though, as I realized that — along with The Hierophant — part of what I objected to about them actually flowed from out of the visual presentation of them in the RWS. I now actually kind of like what the Pages represent in conceptual terms (even if I still don’t love their imagery in the RWS)…

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