Planetary Cards

IMG_4160This is a more Astro-advanced follow-up to the Zodiac Cards exercise. It requires that you know a bit about your birthchart. The idea is to explore the cards that correspond to the Planets that have the greatest influence in your chart.

For me, those Planets would be Neptune, Pluto, and Mercury…and the cards that correspond to those planets are The Hanged Man, Judgment, and The Magician, respectively. And I do actually feel that these cards are fairly accurate representations of big parts of my psyche!

How about you – do you know what your Planetary Cards are, and if so, do you feel that they paint an accurate picture of you?

4 thoughts on “Planetary Cards

  1. I have a conjunction between Sol and Mars in the Sixth House, so the Sun and Tower definitely have an influence on me. Going a little more specific (and quite possibly the subject of another post you have planned further down the line), my Luna is in the third decan of Aquarius, which sticks it smack dab into the Seven of Swords (a card that has always been deeply meaningful to me).

    1. It’s interesting that you feel such a profound connection to the Minor card that corresponds to your Moon placement, Jack. I do feel that my own similar Minor cards have meaning for me, but I tend to identify more with the Majors in general. And to be honest, I tend to grapple a bit with the GD system of correspondences, and it bothers me that many Planetary placements have no corresponding Minor cards at all. Sadly, I haven’t yet been able to figure out a system that *would* successfully address this issue, so I hesitate to even bring it up, when I can’t also offer a possible alternative. So far, the GD one is the best one I’ve seen…

      1. There are definitely issues with the GD system. I finally got used to it, though, because I figured at least it is a system. There’s an underlying structure to it that I can understand, so even though it’s incomplete, I’m able to work with it. I don’t think there’s any way to fit all seven (or ten!) planets in all of the 36 decans (coming out to 252 combinations) in a 78-card deck, so the GD system will have to suffice me.

      2. This is almost exactly how I’d sum up my own feelings about the GD system, too. Every so often, I bang my head against the issue — like, “Hmm, if I work with a 12-Planet system, and maybe assign three Planet-in-Sign placements to each numbered Minor…” — but the math never works out right. Plus, who would be able to remember all of the resulting correspondences? My relationship with the GD system reminds me of something that a Canadian guy I once met said about the US system of democracy: “It’s the worst system of government in the world…except for all the others…”

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