Tarot and Travel

IMG_4195I’ve just embarked upon a week-long adventure in housesitting. Until the middle of next week, I’ll be keeping watch over my sister’s abode in western Massachusetts. This leads me to wonder: which Tarot cards mean “travel” to you? Which ones most readily seem to speak to you of picking yourself up from out of your usual surroundings, and removing yourself to some new locale…?

Obviously, different cards can apply here, and their respective relevance levels can vary from one reading to another…but do you have any cards that, regardless of question, and regardless of depiction in a given deck, definitely equate to the concept of travel in your mind…?  

2 thoughts on “Tarot and Travel

  1. I tend to sink into literalism on this front, I’m afraid. The Chariot and the Six of Swords are the biggies for me; occasionally the Eight of Cups, depending on the circumstances.

    1. Jack, I’d never really put the 8 of Cups into this category before, myself, but I was actually thinking about it today as I was gearing up to post this! It does show a person walking away from something, so why not…? I’ve also often thought of both The Wheel and the World being possibilities here, depending on the question and the context when they appear, and the Knights (especially the Yang ones: Wands and Swords) can say “travel” in my mind… But the first ones I flash on when considering issues of travel would likewise be the 6 of Swords and The Chariot…

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