Cards That Speak of Challenge…

IMG_4210Today I was awakened before dawn by the insistent chirping of a smoke detector crying out for a fresh battery. I tossed my sister’s place where I’m housesitting, but found only other batteries of incompatible size. It was 56F…inside the house. I decided to go outside and bury the wheedling contraption in the yard so I could go back to sleep, but the ground was frozen (sidenote: I’m kidding – I’m not going out before dawn to take up a shovel…).

But anyway, in the midst of all that, I flashed on the Tarot 7’s, because they all have to do with challenges and facing adversity in its various forms, and also because I spent a few hours last night formatting part of the Workbook for the Tarot Toolkit online course, so this stuff was all over my cerebrum.

But anyway, which cards do you associate with challenges, difficulties, and trying to find grace under pressure…?

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