Tarot at Sunrise…

IMG_4235Yesterday, something caused me to wake up just in time to see this pre-sunrise sky-show. Immediately after I made my way to the window to take this shot…an enormous Owl flew by, presumably heading off to bed. It looked large enough to carry off small automobiles if it got the urge…

I decided to ask for a message, not just for myself, but for anyone who might read this post. And remember: the Owl is a symbol of great Wisdom!! …So I pulled a few cards from the Tarot of the Origins. It’s pretty different from the standard decks (RWS, Thoth, TdM). Boiled down, this three-card draw is saying that if you’re willing to sacrifice something that you’ve been clinging to from out of your past, this will pave the way for great transformation and healing, and connection with Source… So do with *that* what you will!




    • Thanks so much for reading along, and for the comment! Owl isn’t necessarily one of “my” Animals in that same sense — or maybe more accurately, I’m not one of Owl’s specific humans? — but I do tend to get the occasional visitation from the Parliament of Owls every so often. This felt like one of those… Interestingly, I’ve been thinking lately about maybe writing more about the concept of Animal Guides!

    • Thanks, Uncle Jim! I like yours, as well! By the way, I’m housesitting for my sister right now, and she has one of the Suns that you carved hanging up here, so I got to admire all over again how you made each of the Suns different and unique from all the others…

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