Someone To Watch Over Me…

IMG_4254Do any certain Tarot cards beam forth the concept of “Protection” as a primary theme for you? I mean sure, lots of them *could* offer you protection: The Emperor could put up walls and maintain an army to keep you safe…The Devil could smite your enemies in all sorts of creatively horrible ways (although you might not always like putting up your part of the bargain after the smiting has been accomplished…)… But do any of the cards often speak of protection for you even when the question asked isn’t necessarily about any kind of obvious danger?

For me, I almost always see this theme in The Star. And it’s definitely a gentle and grace-filled kind of protection rather than anything violent or militaristic…but among other concepts, I find The Star can indicate Guide-Figures, Guardian Angels, Higher Selves and Personal Pantheons. She says that your way is illuminated, and that Chance is inclined to smile upon you during Her watch.

How about you? Do any of the cards feature “Protection” whenever they hop out of the pack…?

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