Leopardskin Jasper and Animal Spirits…

IMG_4276I just got this stone a couple of days ago. It’s called Leopardskin Jasper, and it’s said to be very shamanic in nature, and especially connected with animal energies (I posted about this stone once before, nearly two years ago). I have a few pieces, currently packed away in a box somewhere, and I will tell you straight out that while I haven’t tried this often, whenever I’ve slept with a piece under my pillow, I’ve had dreams about animals almost every single time.

So last night, I tried that trick again with this new piece…

…and I dreamed that I was in a house with my mom. In the dream, she took me into the living room, and there were a bunch of wild birds on the carpet, eating seeds. This didn’t seem to faze her in the slightest. What did throw her, though, was the fact that there was also a squirrel among them. For some reason, this struck her as weird, although having a bunch of wild sparrows in the house did not.

As we took stock, the squirrel broke off, scampered over to me, and hopped up on my leg to be pet like a dog or a cat might do. It was too cute – what could I do but pet it?

I know, this is a squirrel, not some great jungle beast. But still! And now, as I write this, there’s a family of four Deer out on the lawn, and they’ve been there for almost 45 minutes now. This is the longest visitation by them ever, by far! So maybe the Leopardskin Jasper is just a rock, and has nothing to do with animals or Animal Spirits, I don’t know. And it may well mean very different things in your experience of the world than it means in mine. But I think I may continue to do this stone-under-the-pillow thing a bit more, because even if it wasn’t the stone that gave me these animal dreams and experiences, maybe it gave me enough of a placebo effect that I made it happen because I believed it could? And either way…I wouldn’t mind petting a squirrel again or having Deer make camp just outside the window…

And a final update: the Deer conclave topped out at no less than eleven (11) of the graceful creatures milling about outside the windows here before they finally disappeared into the woods!  That’s a new record…


  1. Steve, at the risk of repeating myself, I like the process that gives rise to your written word…

    You might give some serious thought to writing.

    Uncle Jim

    With time there are no “do-overs”, use it or loose it…


    • Thanks for saying this, Uncle Jim! I’m definitely trying to get more productive with writing. I sometimes feel that while I may not have the gift of sculpting with wood that you and Poppy shared, I might be able to do something along those lines with words. I just need to get more prolific!

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