Tarot-Figure Trajectories

IMG_4324Take a gander at these two cards, and how different they might seem in relation to one another in a reading if their placements are swapped.

One card (the 7 of Swords) showcases a person who’s taking several objects, while the other (the 8 of Cups) depicts a different person leaving multiple objects behind.

But if you line them up one way (as in the back row), it seems that these two people are on a collision course — will the 8 of Cups person take on those Swords so as to fill the void created by the new absence of those set-aside Cups…? But then if you switch the positions of the two cards (see the front row), the two figures now seem to be retreating from a central point in opposite directions. Maybe here, it’s the Cups replacing the emptiness left after the Swords were removed. You can often build entire storylines out of this kind of analysis.

Some Tarot readers add another layer to this kind of directional interpretation, too: the idea is that figures facing to the left of a card are looking back to or moving toward the past…figures staring straight ahead at the reader have to do with being in the present moment…and figures oriented toward the right-hand side of a card are gazing at or striving toward the future.

So how about you: do you place much weight on the directions in which figures in Tarot cards are facing or moving?

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