IMG_4329Recently I posted about how I keep having animal-related dreams whenever I put a piece of Leopardskin Jasper under my pillow, and I’ve received some requests asking me to log updates here if it happens again…

So after giving the Jasper a couple of nights off, I tried it again last night. I didn’t do anything special with it — I just watched a bunch of crap TV and then hit the hay. And yet…animal dream!

So in this dream, I was driving a couple of people somewhere. We were entering this traffic circle in a woodsy area, and I was suddenly kind of awed to see this absolutely gigantic Moose standing on a modest rise just off the road. It was just standing there watching us, totally calm. In the dream, I knew that it was a male, despite the fact that he had no antlers. This is actually consistent with current conditions, though. I’ve been studying the local Deer population, and all of these types of creatures seem to shed their antlers as the cold months set in, and then they regrow them in the Spring.

The really interesting thing was that as we approached the Moose, the people in my car couldn’t see him…even though he was way larger than even a real Moose would be. This thing was more like…elephant-size. I stopped the car, and only after we got out did the other people sort of see the big beast, and even then, they were like, “Wow, good eye, Steve!” And I was all, “Good eye? It’s bigger than some of the apartments I’ve rented!”

Moose, by the way, while an outstanding creature, is not one I’ve ever felt any special personal connection with before, and is also not one that’s been on my radar lately in the slightest, so…  Leopardskin Jasper strikes again!

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