Leopardskin Jasper/Leopardite

IMG_4368Jasper Journal, cont. So in addition to the new piece of Leopardskin Jasper that I bought recently while housesitting for my sister, I now have three other related pieces handy that I dug up out of storage.

In the photo, the largest stone is the one I just got. The two flanking it are from shops in LA, and were also billed as Leopardskin Jasper (which is apparently also sometimes called Jaguar Stone, which name I like a lot). The piece out in front, the one with the most obvious “spots,” was sold as “Leopardite.” I believe this is one of those situations in the crystals world that, like with Ruby in Fuchsite versus Ruby in Zoisite, lends itself to confusion, conflation, and mislabeling. I’m no authority on these Leopard stones, though, and I don’t have a full-on geological laboratory at my disposal, so won’t presume to tell you what’s what. I just know that the stones I have that were sold to me as Leopardskin Jasper all look and feel of a kind, like they must be related…but the Leopardite stone looks and feels slightly different, like it might be its own thing.

But anyway, I plan to keep sleeping with different pieces of the various Jaspers under my pillow for a while, and reporting the results here, because IG needs to know what’s what with these things! For last night’ experiment, I stuck that longer piece under my pillow, the one that looks sort of like a jawbone. There were no wild animals in my dream, but I was in a house, and just outside the closed back door, which was made mostly of glass, I could see a very large dog that was sort of playing peek-a-boo with me: it would sit there all excited and playful, and when I’d look over, it would bound off out of view…and then as my attention wandered, it would edge back into the frame again. That was about it for this round of Jasper-dreaming, but that does at least qualify as an animal-dream. It was a domesticated animal, yes…but a very large one, if that helps to make this all seem more “shamanic”…?

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