IMG_4376Last night’s stone-under-pillow was Leopardite (as distinct from Leopardskin Jasper).  There was an animal-dream, alright.

So in the dream, I was standing on a rooftop in the rain with a government agent – like, an X-Files type (which I don’t even watch).  I was helping him try to spot a UFO that was known to be in the area, but which was outfitted with a cloaking device (I just knew all this to be true in the dream).

As we stood vigil, scanning the gloom, a flying black shape caught my attention as it cut its way through the air.  I could tell it was a bird of some sort, but its altitude was such that it was just about even with the edge of the rooftop from my POV, so it was partially obscured from my sight.  Plus, the rain and the gloom.

The bird circled around behind us, and as we turned to get a better look, it finally stopped playing coy, and rose up higher, above the lip of the roof.  As it did, lightning flashed way up behind us in the sky to perfectly illuminate the bird…which was a dark Falcon.  Every feather was clear, every speckle of brown and white color.

“Cool, right?” I asked the gov’t agent.  “*Really* cool!” he agreed, thoughts of the UFO momentarily forgotten.

Also, before I fully awoke, I heard first a loud Mourning Dove cooing away just outside my window, and then two separate flocks of Geese, honking their ways through the sky.

The card I drew for Leopardite: the Ace of the Soul (= Ace of Cups).  It shows a shaman who has sought to bring magic forth into the world…by etching markings into a stone!!!

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