Cobra Jasper

IMG_4381The Jasper Journal, cont.  Today’s entry: on sleeping with Cobra Jasper under my pillow…

The other day, when I dug out all of my Jasper stones from storage, I wanted to pull a card for each variety, to explain a bit about what each one would represent for me.  While I was shuffling, the Moon card fell out.  For me, The Moon stands for things like the subconscious, dreams, and mysticism.  The booklet for this deck, which has a lot of its own meanings that deviate from the traditional, says this particular Moon is about “Magic, Spirituality, Surprises, and a Positive Female Figure.”  I assumed the card popped out in order to tell me that this would apply to Jasper for me in general, regardless of variety.  Cool enough.

I replaced the card, and kept shuffling, then drew a card for each individual type of Jasper.  When I got to Cobra Jasper…The Moon appeared again.  I figured this would suggest some especially intense and mind-bend-y experiences with it!  Maybe dreams about Snakes the size of the Anaconda that I got to drape over myself like the world’s largest necklace when I was in Peru last year.

But I didn’t dream about Snakes this time, or about animals of any kind, really.  It was a fairly simple dream.  In it, I was being ushered someplace by one of those dream-people that don’t exist in the waking world, but who I know in the dreams.  This person was excited to be explaining to me how the locals were doing this kind of ceremony to honor and celebrate a couple of the trees that lived on the grounds of their campus or estate or whatever it was.

We went through some kind of archway structure, and the two trees in question were then rising up above us, enormous, maybe a couple of stories high.  Their trunks were this rich brown color, and you could almost feel all the texture just by looking at it.  Higher up, they were bursting with green leaves, and even though the trees grew up out of the ground one to either side of the rather wide pathway we were on, up top, their branches had grown toward each other, and intertwined…sort of like the tree version of holding hands.  There were people around us kind of chanting and just beaming love and appreciation at these two grand old trees (Ash trees, I think?), and I could actually feel joy radiating from the trees, who were happy that the quick little humans were forcing themselves to slow down enough to do this for them.

So, no animals, but the trees were really sweet.

2 thoughts on “Cobra Jasper

  1. Awesome that the moon card fell out at first to tell about all Jaspers and really clever pulling a card for each type. I’m enjoying following your Jasper Adventures.

    1. Thanks, Anna! I’m looking forward to reading more about your Jasper adventures, too, as the days unfold! Yeah, I’m intrigued by the messages I got from the cards about which Jasper might do what for me. The Moon draw led me to expect huge things from the Cobra Jasper, but maybe I was putting too much pressure on the poor stones. I might give them one more night tonight, though, just because there’s two of them, and then I can move on from them to whatever seems to want to come next in the order…

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