Mookaite Jasper

IMG_4407These cool-looking stones are Mookaite Jasper.  Here’s the dream I had while sleeping with them under my pillow:

In the dream, I’m part of some elite superheroic strike force.  We’re in a briefing.  For our upcoming mission, we’ll be teaming up with…Wonder Woman!  And here she is, entering the briefing!  She tells me and the guy next to me that she’s looking to line up an ongoing booty call for the duration of the mission.  She gives the guy a sort of impromptu exam right there, and finds him lacking.  My turn.  Poking and prodding ensue.  It’s Wonder Woman; I don’t mind.  No magic lasso is involved at this time.  She determines that while I have room for improvement, my shortcomings are of a more minor nature, and I’ll do for what she has in mind.  Go, dream-me!

Suddenly, time-jump!  We’re in mid-mission.  We’re on a bridge in our vehicle, but a huge traffic jam has everyone at a standstill.  Meanwhile, our enemies have an agent coming down the bridge on foot from behind us, and if he confirms our position to his HQ, they’ll dispatch a missile-strike.  Our pursuer gets close enough that I can now tell that he’s…Alan Rickman!  He hasn’t seen us, so we do this thing of hopping out of our vehicle, making haste to the side of the bridge, clambering down underneath it, and then hanging quietly from the underside, while Alan Rickman passes by above us, totally taken in by our ruse.  He keeps going, on past us, and we climb back up, and make tracks in the opposite direction.  I can still somehow see him, and he realizes that we’ve eluded him, and he jumps up and down in total rage.  We escape.

Tarot card I’d drawn to represent Mookaite Jasper’s meaning for me: Woman of Blood (= Queen of Swords).  A warrior-woman of sorts, combat, aggression.  A Stone Age Wonder Woman…?!

2 thoughts on “Mookaite Jasper

  1. When next you find the time and have something to say, say it in the fashion that you do. As you know already, words lead to sentences sometimes on to paragraphs when this happens ” just do it”.

    You will find your self, on looking back at your work, pleased sometimes happy with what you have written and then there are those times when you are actually delighted…

    “Just do it” Uncle Jim

    With time there are no “do-overs”, use it or loose it…


    1. Thanks, Uncle Jim! I’m gearing up to do more writing, and am indeed trying to stay focused on just saying what I have to say in my own voice. Writing can be pretty exciting for me — thanks for the ongoing support!

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