Tarot Sequencing Techniques

IMG_4411I’ve never been a big one for using reversals in Tarot. So I’ve never actually spent all that much time *studying* reversals in Tarot.

It should maybe come as no shock, then, to note that only recently did I hear this interesting notion about how a reversed card can sometimes be taken as a signal to go back and look at lessons of the card whose place in the overall deck sequence comes immediately prior to that of the card that’s reversed.  So, for example, a reversed Tower card (XVI in the order) in a reading could be advice to review themes of The Devil (card XV).

This raises a question for me: if a reversed card can suggest looking at the previous card in the deck order, and an upright card indicates just looking at that present one…is there anything that would trigger a need to look at the card that comes next in the deck sequence…?

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