Red Jasper Dream Report

IMG_4415I’m afraid I have to report a bit of an interruption in the Jasper dream-streak this time around: I stashed my three pieces of Red Jasper beneath my pillow when I turned in last night, but sadly, there is no joy in Mudville this morning, dream-wise. I slept hard, and I did dream somewhat, but it was all scattered, and I couldn’t hold on to any of it when I woke up this morning. There were no animal appearances in the dreams, and no bizarre plotlines to share.

Interestingly, if you enjoy Chakra theory, you can consider the fact that Red Jasper is held to connect with the Root Chakra, which is about as far from the dreaming centers as you can get…so maybe Red Jasper isn’t likely to stimulate dreams at all. Who knows – maybe it even negates them.

Anyway… The card I drew the other day to explain what Red Jasper would mean for me: 9 of Nature (= Wands). In this deck, this card has to do with a man gearing up for harvest-time. Maybe Red Jasper is less about dreams blossoming like fruit, and it’s more about going back over the dreams already experienced and “harvesting” them by studying them, and taking meaning from them so as to fuel future growth…?

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