Yellow Jasper Dream Report

IMG_4432Here endeth this jubilant jaunt through Jasper journaling (for now…). As with the Red Jasper, I wish I had something interesting to report, but the Yellow Jasper was also so low-key that it didn’t really register. I woke up feeling well-rested, but I couldn’t remember any dreaming that I did during the night.

Maybe these lower-Chakra colors aren’t the greatest stimulants for dreaming in general?

The card I drew the other day to detail what Yellow Jasper will mean for me: Creative Power (this deck’s analogue for Strength). This one is about humanity’s ability to exert power by creating life (which can probably be taken literally or also figuratively). So if Red Jasper helps with processing the results of work already done, maybe Yellow Jasper provides fuel for work yet to be performed…?

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