The Jasper Round-Up

IMG_4443Jasper!!! Here’s a bowlful of all the different varieties of Jasper that I put under my pillow during the past week or so in an ongoing experiment to see which ones might stimulate dreams, and if so, what the specifics might turn out to be.

Leopardskin Jasper, Leopardite, and Dragon Jasper brought on dreams about animals. Cobra Jasper inspired a dream about trees. Mookaite Jasper spawned a sort of superhero/action-adventure dream. Red Jasper and Yellow Jasper didn’t seem to spark any dreaming at all. Your mileage may – and probably will – vary.

And note: the gray and black piece toward the left-hand side of the bowl was sold to me as “Dragon Jasper.”  A fan of Jasper over on Instagram told me, though, that this piece is much more likely of the variety known as Picasso Jasper.  When I punched the phrase “Dragon Jasper” into my search engine, I received a bunch of hits for something called Dragon Blood Jasper that looked nothing like this — that variety seems to be all red and green.  And then when I looked up Picasso Jasper, I found a very wide diversity of stones that all apparently do fairly represent that category, but some of them, at least, did look a lot like this gray and black piece here, so…my IG friend is probably correct!  Dragon Jasper strikes me as a much cooler name than Picasso Jasper, though…

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