Stalker Cards

IMG_4461Repeater cards. Stalker cards. The ones that keep jumping out at you from out of multiple readings for a while, no matter which deck you’re using, who you’re reading for, where you’re doing the reading, what time of day it is… You may not be able to make it out in this pic due to the bird’s eye view here, but that card at front/center is the 7 of Swords. And for the last few weeks, the 7 of Swords has been dogging my steps like that guy in that French story about the stolen loaf of bread that I never read or saw.

I tend to take these card-stalker occurrences as, like, meta-messages for me, the reader, that exist outside the scope of any one of the individual readings, and are more keyed to the overall phase that I’m going through. I’m pretty sure I have this 7 of Swords one all properly doped out, and I just have to act on the message. But do you have stalker card incidences? Are you having one right now? Which card(s)? And have you managed to successfully put the message into practice?

7 thoughts on “Stalker Cards

  1. I don’t use cards often enough to say, but runes do this a lot! I drew runes daily, and there is always one to show repeatedly for number of days.

    1. I draw a Rune every morning to start each day, and I also track the statistics of which ones I draw, how many times, etc. Doing this sounds nerdy (and probably is), but it can reveal some amazing trends! Oddly enough, though, I don’t get stalked by Runes as often as I do by Tarot cards. Then again, I end up using cards more often overall, so maybe it’s just down to the numbers…

    1. That sounds like a situation that could either be really good, or really difficult, depending on The Emperor’s mood, and how prepared you’ve been for his visits!

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