Big Spreads vs. Little Spreads

IMG_4465When I was first learning Tarot, I felt like the Celtic Cross spread was kind of being shoved down my throat. It was like, “Oh, you have to learn the CC. It’s pretty much THE spread!” Which made me want to *not* learn it. But also…at 10 cards, it’s pretty damn big. You can get a ton of info out of a three-card spread, or even a one-card draw. Ten cards is a lot to interpret.

And you can get into other deck-depleting spreads, like the Kabbalah-based Tree of Life spread (10 or 11 cards, depending on which version you use), the Astrological Houses spread (12 cards), the months of the coming year spread (12 again)…these can be totally revealing, but if you’re not feeling it, they can just wear you out.

Do you prefer the big spreads to the little ones? The opposite? Or do you like both, and mix it up depending on the occasion?

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