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IMG_4490Some readers will take a card out of the deck, and set it on the table to represent the person receiving the reading.  This can serve to sort of psychologically place the reading’s recipient right into the reading in a very visual way.

I don’t use significators, myself – I don’t like the idea of removing a perfectly good and information-filled card from the mix.  What if the significator card you’re choosing was the one with the most critical advice to give in the context of this particular question?

But if you do like the idea of using a significator, you have to settle on which card to use.  Most readers use Court Cards for this practice.  If I were to use a significator to serve as my two-dimensional stand-in, I’d choose either the King or the Knight of Cups.  The Suit isn’t in doubt for me: my birth-chart is riddled with Water Sign placements, and I totally identify.  The only question is the one of rank.  I’m hesitant to hold a coronation on my own behalf, and just proclaim myself a King, and also, the Golden Dawn’s system would have me as the Knight.  Then again, just going by chronological age, I’d be…well, a very young-at-heart King.

How about you?  Do you use significators?  If so, which card do you choose to represent yourself?

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  1. I don’t normally use significators, except for Celtic Cross (most of the time, except for when the reading is my own.) However, for myself when I do feel the need to pick as a representation, I switch between Queen of Cups (for intuitive/psychic) and Queen of Pentacles (for more materialistic/grounded/earthly matters). Although astrologically, I would have to go with the Queen of Swords, yet I don’t particularly identify myself with her – and the Queen of Wands is much to energetic for me to identify with in comparison to my personality (but she certainly can get things done!) That’s why I find significators not the easiest to connect with or pick, but I always feel the fail-safe is astrology or whatever someone identifies with (even if it has no rhyme or reason). 🙂

    1. I definitely don’t find it easy to assign significator cards to people in terms of which Court Card is the “perfect fit” — like you said, people are a bit more multifaceted than just being, say, all Page of Wands, all the time. Everyone has at least a bit of all four Court ranks in them, and at least some of each Suit/Element, so it can be really tough to boil a human down into only one card. To be honest, if I happened to be picking for myself, the card that I identify with the most is The Hanged Man…

      1. I agree with the problem of removing a card from the deck which could appear as an important factor in a reading. I’d pick the High Priestess for myself lol It’s true that everyone has days or moments when they’re one or another card. I frequently find myself “channeling” the Page of Pentacles more so as an adult than when I was younger! 🙂

      2. So you’re like that Benjamin Button character, growing younger and more Page-like as you walk the Earth… 😉 “I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now…”

  2. I don’t favor to use the significator card, mine would be the Queen of Cups, but what the occasion asked for it I rather picked The Fool.
    Also, I very much agree with you in not linking to remove any card from the deck.

    1. Someone in my Instagram feed suggested using a card from a separate deck as the significator…so that way, you’re still using all 78 cards from the one deck for the reading, but then you also can have a card representing the querent sitting there on the table, as well. This strikes me as a really smart way to avoid the problem of removing a perfectly good card from the reading. I guess the challenge then is to use a second deck whose imagery doesn’t clash too much with the first deck’s artwork!

      1. It makes sense to use the card from a separate deck, and pick right second deck to use.
        Would it work only to keep a significant card in mind as the one important to the reading, and look if, when and where it comes out? Going further, significant card may not be significator, but the card which roughly represents the mood of the divination.
        I do this with runes sometimes. I hardly use all 24 in one reading. So if I want to know something, I’m looking for Pertho, Kenaz, or Dagaz to appear, and if all three do, the sequence, and so on. I cannot do this from top of my head with Tarot, but I bet you could! 🙂

      2. I think you could absolutely adopt this as a practice, sort of like putting your antennae up to see if you get a specific signal from the reading. I’ve never really tried it, but it’s a very cool idea! And you’re right, it could work just as well with Tarot as with Runes. Although I do remember one occasion well over a year ago, when I was seeing certain themes in my morning, and I called up a Tarot phone app I have, thinking that if I were to draw one card from it at random, and it turned out to be The High Priestess, I would have to freak out a bit, since that would cement what I felt I was receiving in the way of messages. And…I drew The High Priestess! I think that’s kind of what you’re describing here?

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