IMG_4494When I first discovered Tarot, I was amazed to learn that there are literally thousands of decks out there. As an outsider, I’d just assumed that the RWS *was* Tarot, and vice versa. Upon discovering the multitude of Tarot worlds I could visit, I admittedly got a little greedy. I snapped up decks in ravenous fashion, sometimes barely using one before scooping up the next, and the next…

This may have harmed my learning process, in the sense that not all deck creators follow one consistent template…so I was forcing myself to have to learn multiple systems, which is insanely time-consuming.

But on the flip-side, this may have helped my learning process immensely…because it kept me totally engaged, and excited about continuing on with the study and practice. If I’d stuck just with one single deck, I know myself well enough to get that I probably would have become bored, and might even have wandered away from the field entirely.

How about you? Do you shuttle around among many different decks, or do you stick loyally with just one or two favorites?

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