Tarot in the “Real World”

IMG_4511So last night was the last class session for this round of the Tarot Toolkit online course that I’ve been co-teaching with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot. One of our final pieces of advice to the group was that you can deepen your relationship with Tarot by looking for its themes and archetypes out in the mundane world, even when you’re not doing readings or studying your cards.

Here’s an example… After the class session ended, Vickie and I had our customary post-class rap session. Once we finished and signed off, I flipped on the TV so as to have some background noise while I folded some laundry and such. And the TV responded by almost immediately showing me that really famous scene from “Ben-Hur,” which just happened to be on in that moment. You know the scene. The one with…the chariot race?

Which, if you’re Tarot-minded, could be seen as like the Universe doing a mini-reading for me, and flashing me a big neon version of the Chariot card! And since I was fresh off of the Toolkit session, I might take that bit of synchronicity to mean that it’s now on me and Vickie and all of the students to take all the disparate elements that appeared throughout the run of the course, and forge them through willpower into a surge forward into course-related progress, and victory. Chariot stuff, basically.

Do you ever see things in your everyday world as manifestations of Tarot messages, characters, or themes…?

2 thoughts on “Tarot in the “Real World”

  1. I love it! I see Tarot themes all the time! Sometimes I’ll be like, “Oh yes I see you, Hanged Man” but I never really think to apply it in the situation. I’m not sure why but I will now! Love the photo, too. Such a perfect Chariot!

    1. Thanks, Katzi! Someone once gave me that little model of the old time-y Bel-Air, and I always think of it as a version of The Chariot for some reason… But yes, I really do take these types of experiences as pretty much being like Tarot card draws done for me by the Universe with life-sized cards!

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