The Tarot Toolkit – Round 1 Wrap-Up

IMG_4527This past Sunday night, my sensational collaborator, Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarotand I wrapped up The Tarot Toolkit, our 10-week online Tarot course for beginners. I wanted to follow Vickie’s example, and post a public shout-out and some sincere gratitude for everyone who took part in the course. This includes our students, who turned out to be a fantastic group of bright, enthusiastic, intuitive, interesting, friendly people, whose presences made the experience deeply enriching for me. It also includes Vickie herself, who is a wise and skilled Tarot practitioner, a biz partner brimming with integrity, and one of the greatest friends you could ever hope to know.

This was the first online course either one of us has ever taught, and the experience saw us traveling from the DMZ between hope and fear rapidly onward into exhilaration. The ten weeks flew by! Hopefully the students learned as much as we did, and now we stand on the other side of it all, with me left feeling kinda dazzled and supremely gratified by the whole adventure. And I can’t wait to do more of the same!

With that last part in mind, Vickie and I are still in the phase of dotting i’s and crossing t’s from this first session, but we’re also looking toward the future. If you have interest in joining us for the next iteration of The Tarot Toolkit, or for any additional courses, workshops, or other products we might be offering, please drop either one of us a line with a good email address for you, and we’ll add you to our mailing list. We hope to see you in the virtual classroom soon!

4 thoughts on “The Tarot Toolkit – Round 1 Wrap-Up

      1. Sweet! 😀 We can add you to our mailing list if you like? We’re putting this first course to bed still, but we want to be proactive about getting more things going…thus, the mailing list. You can send me your email address by private message if you’re interested, or I can haunt your IG account and blog to look for it, but I’d rather get your go-ahead first…

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