Energetic Cleansing

IMG_4569Cleansing. Metaphysical people talk about this process a lot: the cleansing of energies from themselves, from physical locations, from tangible objects. The idea is that negative energies can sort of stain, taint, or clog something. And this can include Tarot decks, according to some users.

So, methods for cleansing of this type? Smudging with sage smoke is a wildly popular technique, and people also use sound (singing bowls, bells, or tuning forks), other types of smoke (incense, palo santo, cedar), and light (candles, and some people even employ simple visualizations of white light encompassing whatever it is that needs cleansing). This list is by no means all inclusive, either.

Do you build this into your Tarot practice? Do you feel that your decks require regular cleansing? Does your reading space? Or does this not concern you at all?

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