The Spirit Stone Tarot Spread

IMG_4576Over on Instagram, I co-host a monthly photo challenge event called New Spread Saturday.  The basics are pretty simple: anyone who feels like participating creates an original Tarot spread, then posts a picture of cards laid out in that spread, along with a description of what each card position in the spread means, and the hashtag #newspreadsaturday.  Feel free to join in!  My entry for March is this new Spirit Stone Spread.  Here’s the write-up:

Metaphysical types love the concept of a Spirit Animal: a specific creature associated with a person for life, lending its unique energies and attributes to that person, and serving as a guide, a teacher, and an overall inspiration. But couldn’t we humans have additional “Spirit Counterparts,” such as maybe Spirit Plants, Spirit Locations, Spirit Elements…and maybe Spirit Stones?

Crystals and fossils and other riches from the Earth are also highly prized in the metaphysical world…so the concepts of the Spirit Counterpart and the Stone should go hand in hand. This spread will help you to determine the identity of your own Spirit Stone.

1 = Essence. The basic nature of your Spirit Stone itself.
2 = Color. The color(s) that are most strongly suggested to you by this card will correspond to the color(s) of your Spirit Stone.
3 = Ailments. The primary problems and afflictions that your Spirit Stone is commonly believed to address and heal.
4 = Gifts. The positive qualities that your Spirit Stone is generally believed to nurture and bring forth when used.
5 = Connection. How you can strengthen your connection with your Spirit Stone.
6 = Changes. Specific ways in which you can alter your own life through use of your Spirit Stone.

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