Tarot Disconnections…

IMG_4579Every now and then, it’s possible to feel a disconnect with the cards, like the messages have removed themselves to a high shelf that you can’t quite reach.

What do you do when this happens? Do you keep trying anyway, until the process eventually unlocks itself for you again? Do you switch to a different system of divination, like Runes or Oracle Cards? Do you conduct some sort of reconnection ritual? Or do you just set the whole thing down for a while, go do entirely unrelated things, and then return at some later time/date and see if the channels have opened up in your absence?


      • Yes, they are. I always loved Tarots for design, pictures, and other cards too, in general, but never understand them much. The first ‘runes’ I’ve come across (years ago) were in form of Tarot deck. How funny is that. With my connection with Loki I was drawn to runes, literally in day one. I wouldn’t dare do reading for others, but with runes I ‘know’ which part, the face of, to apply in reading. With Tarots, not so much. I love to touch the runes. My favorite are bloodstone runes. I feel less pronounced energies from some Tarot decks too, when I hold them. Not always, though, and this marks my use of them, when I don’t feel it I don’t bother.

      • I think it’s great that you’re so in tune with these different tools…or, more accurately, that you know which ones you’re in tune with, and to what extent. I’m pretty happy using either Runes or Tarot cards, myself, although Runes have been “speaking” to me more in recent times than they ever really have before. I’m trying to spend more time with them, while also not cutting into my Tarot time. It’s not easy!

    • I agree that the experience and the ease of “connectivity” can absolutely vary from one deck to another. I experience this odd trend in which I love the artwork in a lot of Lo Scarabeo decks, but then when I get them, I often find them tough to read with in practice. And it’s sort of down to what you said: they vary just enough from the RWS template that the occasional divergent card will knock my reading out of whack because I’m expecting them *all* to fall in line with the RWS way…

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