The Weather in Tarot

IMG_4585It’s raining here today, which brought up a question for me: where does the weather appear in Tarot? It’s such a huge part of our lives as physical beings, but there’s no card that’s purely devoted to it.

I mean, sure, any given card in the deck *could* talk about the weather, depending on the question, the surrounding cards, etc. And some cards arguably capture a bit of the local climate – The Sun could indicate a sunny day, The Tower features lightning, the 3 of Swords shows rain – but these cards also have generous helpings of other meanings that have nothing to do with the weather and that also feel a lot more primary.

So is there any one card that specifically and regularly indicates the weather for you? Does the weather ever pop up from out of a reading for you if you’re not specifically asking about it? Which cards are involved here for you, and why?

2 thoughts on “The Weather in Tarot

  1. This is such a neat idea! I tried it out as a spread to see the weather for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I got 5 of Swords for Monday (the clouds on the Five are like the overcast and rain today on Monday), then the Knight of Cups for Tuesday (Weather Channel says sun/cloud for that day) and then 10 of Pentacles for Wednesday (again sun/cloud for that day according to the Weather Channel). This would be a neat experiment to check the cards before checking the news/weather channel to see what cards mean what weather for each person. Thanks for the excellent idea! 🙂

    1. I’m happy to hear that you like this line of thinking! It would be really interesting to hear about results from people who try this for a while. You touched on something that’s really important, though: since none of the major decks have been designed in such a way as to tell us how to read weather in the Tarot, we’ll probably all get very individualized (= different!) results. Still, it would be a cool experiment to get a bunch of readers to pull a card a day for a while and then at some point collect up all of the data…

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