Music in Tarot…

IMG_4588Where’s the music in Tarot? For all that the RWS deck looks like somebody’s scrapbook from that time they went to Middle Ages Role-Playing Camp, there’s a total lack of minstrel-types in it. In fact, the Archangel’s horn in the Judgement card is about the only musical instrument of any kind that you’ll find in the entire deck…and it’s doubtful that what he’s producing with it in that particular card is cool jazz or rump-shaking funk.

So where does that essential component of the human experience (i.e., music!) show up for you in the deck? Do you infer that it must be in some of the celebratory cards, like the 3 and 10 of Cups, or the 4 of Wands, even though there are no visible musicians or instruments shown in them? Or do you not think about this concept at all…?

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