Tarot: Who Handles Your Cards?

IMG_4603When I first started exploring Tarot, one of the less than helpful myths I was exposed to was this idea that no one but you should ever touch your cards. Supposedly, according to some, if another person were to handle your deck, it would be stamped with that person’s energy-signature, which you might then never be able to remove. The concept was presented to me in pretty dogmatic terms: “Only you can touch your cards! No one else! Ever!!” Hmm.

I’m not a big fan of dogma. I realized after a while that if I’m reading for someone else, I actually like it if they pick up the deck first and shuffle it a bit or cut it a few times. I feel like this makes that person more connected to the reading, and I don’t really sweat the idea that them touching the cards will somehow taint those cards forever (assuming the person in question doesn’t have actual physical muck or grime all over their mitts). But that’s just me.

I actually bumped into quite a few equally unhelpful Tarot myths when I first started. I eventually learned that a lot of this stuff comes down to personal taste, and there really isn’t one “Right Way” when it comes to Tarot.

But I’m curious: are any of you who are more sensitive to energy than I am very reluctant to let other people handle your cards? And on the flip-side, do some of you prefer to let a querent pick up the deck first like I do? Or is this one of those things that it never even occurred to you to care about at all…?

4 thoughts on “Tarot: Who Handles Your Cards?

  1. Ha! You are very generous to offer that perhaps others may be more sensitive to energy than you are 😉 I suspect that it’s not so much about sensitivity, but the ways in which we interact with energies. And at times I think that for some people it’s more psychological than energetic. At any rate, I am right there with you. When I do in-person readings I love for the client to touch and shuffle the cards. This is a way to include them in some capacity, because I don’t need them to touch the cards in order to read for them. But it’s a nice touch (no pun intended) 😉

    1. I very much identify with what you’re saying here, Olivia: I don’t feel like my being able to read for a person is at all dependent on them touching the cards…but it makes me feel more psychologically connected to them and to the reading, I usually get the sense that it makes them feel that way, too, and I even suspect that there really is an energy-level benefit to the touching of the cards element. Ideally, I like for the querent to take part, even if it’s only for a quick cutting of the deck…

  2. This is a big fence to sit on!
    I have a double stander right here. Personally, I wouldn’t like anybody touching ‘my stuff’ runes, cards etc.
    But! When a reading is done for me, I like, as a querent, to picking the cards myself .
    However, I had reading done, when I picked up the cards, and it was a lot less accurate than the one, done by someone else, who did not let me touch anything.
    I think it goes more by the talent of diviner than by the method.
    I also heard some diviners have a sets of cards, runes, etc. they let customers to use, if this is what they choose, or different sets nobody else may handle.
    I cannot state my preference. LOL

    1. I love that you recognize and own your double-standard here! 😀 I do have a couple of decks and a set of Runes that I only use for myself, too, so I totally see myself in that part of what you’re saying. I’ve been thinking about all of this since I put up this post this morning, and wondering about whether I’m being over-protective of some of my things…or under-protective of others…?

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