Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

IMG_4607So for any of you who might be Astrology-minded, today marks my exact Chiron Return. Unless you manage to live long enough that your age hits the triple-digits, then the Chiron Return is pretty much going to be a once in a lifetime kind of event.

Interesting that mine happens on April Fool’s Day, too!

Chiron is associated with concepts that revolve around wounds and healing. During the Chiron Return period – which lasts for several months, all told – these issues can be greatly magnified.  Profound, sweeping changes and revelations can come through.

Last night – quite possibly even at the precise split-second moment when Chiron was hitting exactitude with the point it had occupied in the sky when I was born – I had a dream that I was visited by the Norse God, Odin.

Not that much happened in the dream. We chatted. We hung out. His Ravens were there. Wolves, too, and Sleipnir (= his eight-legged Horse). Odin is an incredibly complex figure. He and his brothers overthrew and killed their tyrannical father and then built the Earth from his carcass. Odin famously sacrificed himself to himself, manifesting the Runes, and he also gave up one of his eyes so he could drink from the Well of Wisdom.

In my dream, he told me, kindly but firmly, that it’s time for me to stop fucking around, and get busy. Like, in life. Now. And that was about it for the dream. But that’s probably plenty!

Oh, yeah, and I like to draw a Rune each morning to start my day. This morning’s Rune was Ansuz, which literally means…Odin #truestory

So Happy Chiron Return to me…

7 thoughts on “Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

  1. Very cool. I know hardly anything of predictive or current charts other than my natal chart (done back in ’85). It’s always interested me to find out more about current charts and what’s going on in my chart nowadays. Any recommendations for sites or books? 🙂

    1. I’m a big fan of Steven Forrest. I’ve been to a couple of his multi-day seminars before, and just got in to one that’ll be held this coming June (exciting!). If you want to go over the basics of Astrology and chart interpretation, his book “The Inner Sky” is really good: it’s helpful and very accessible. If you’re cool with the basics already, though, and you’re looking to move on to predictive stuff, he has a book called “The Changing Sky” that’s aimed at that material. It’s also very useful and understandable (he gets into transits, progressions, and solar arc directions in it). You can always run charts for free at Astro.com to see what the sky will be offering on any given date with respect to your chart, but it’ll be kind of on you to interpret what you’re seeing there.

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