Calligraphy Stone

IMG_4626Calligraphy Stone. It’s called that because all the loops and lines in it suggest fancy penmanship that spells out messages from the Powers That Be in some exotic God-Language.

The Obelisk shape is said to connect mundane reality with the Divine, to disperse energy when it builds up to unhealthy levels, and to channel information. Stone and shape should work especially well together here to yield up knowledge from higher planes.

In fact, if you have the gift for the technique known as automatic writing, or if you’ve ever had the urge to try it, this might be a handy piece to have on hand!  Automatic writing involves a person entering an altered state of consciousness and then producing written output, all without having purposely engaged in the act of writing.  It’s as if the words come from a subconscious level, or from some higher source, and flow through the person like water through a conduit.

So do you see any messages written in this piece…?


  1. I don’t know about the messages, but first thing I noticed was a (she) bear riding the bike and a death kind of figure, dressed, holding a sword and shield.

    • Thanks, Kristen! I’ve learned that I tend to love an obelisk in general, and this variety of stone is really interesting to look at in any shape, so it’s kind of a win-win for me.

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