Chiron Return Runes

IMG_4627After my exact Chiron Return happened the other day, and I had the great Odin dream that I posted about, I decided to scatter a few Runes to get some more info. Here’s the result (except the cluster of three in the center had all landed face-down). It looks to me like some seriously metaphysical stuff lies ahead, overall…

Runes are a great alternative to Tarot cards, by the way, and in my own view, a bit underrated in modern metaphysical circles.  They’re purely symbolic — they’re literally letters from the ancient alphabet that was used by some of the various seafaring Germanic tribespeople that we kind of lump together under the heading of “Vikings” — so they lack the pictorial allure of Tarot cards, but they’re also arguably more primal and more user-friendly for anyone with shamanic leanings.  Well worth investigating!

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