The Four Elements in Tarot

IMG_4638The more I study both Tarot and Astrology, the more I lean hard on the Four Elements system. I find it to be tremendously helpful in decoding all the messages that come through, and keeping things consistent from reading to reading, and from one discipline to the next.

On the down side, it’s made me more fixated on having card imagery that either openly embraces the same Elemental correspondences I use, or that at least doesn’t contradict them. So, like, I’m now at a point where I feel that a Queen of Cups card, for example, should be overtly Water-heavy in its visuals. Queens are Water, and Cups are Water (as I use the systems, anyway), so if a Queen of Cups card is just a lady on a throne holding a wine goblet, that starts to feel like it’s not Water-y enough for me. I kind of need to see actual Water, and oceanic trappings and such. Similarly, I need to see some Fire in the Wands cards, Air with the Swords, and Earth with the Pentacles/Disks.

Shown here are a few Queen of Cups cards that feel suitably Water-y to me, drawn from the Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal deck, the Shadowscapes deck, and the Fey Tarot

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