An Iolite-Fueled Dream

IMG_4656I’ve posted a bunch of times about how when I sleep with pieces of Leopardskin Jasper under my pillow, it seems to give rise to animal-themed dreams for me, and then cool animal sightings the next day. Animal stuff, by the way, is part of the province that shamans would call the Lower World.

Last night, I went in a different direction: I put these three pieces of Iolite under my pillow before bed. Centuries ago, Viking types used Iolite as a pathfinder stone to help navigate during long sea voyages, as Iolite does interesting and specific things with respect to the polarization of sunlight. This was especially helpful to sailors on overcast days. In modern times, Iolite is believed to join other indigo/violet stones in connecting us up with “higher powers,” or denizens of what the shamans call the Upper World: Deities, the Higher Self, guardian angels, aliens, you name it – the kinds of presences that can be symbolized in Tarot by the Star card.

So here’s what I dreamed of this time… In my dream, I had a small metal plate in the back of my head, just above where spine meets skull. Apparently the plate had been there my entire life, but somebody was only just making me aware of it now. I used a screwdriver to remove the plate, and then saw that there was all this built-up, gross gunk collected all around the socket (which was like a jack or a port) that was lying in wait there beneath that metal plate. I carefully removed all of the gunk, rendering everything super-clean, and then reattached the metal plate, ready for something to soon be inserted into that socket in the near future… Oh, and I was somehow able to see the back of my own head the entire time this was happening.

I kind of wonder if the dream means that I just managed to open myself up to a whole new level of reception with respect to incoming transmissions from the Upper World…

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