Iolite Dreams, Part 2

IMG_4666Yesterday, I posted about a dream I had after I’d stashed three pieces of a stone called Iolite underneath my pillow.  The dream involved me discovering a sort of socket beneath a small metal plate in the back of my skull, and then me cleaning away from the socket a bunch of fairly nauseating goop that had built up in and around the socket over the years.  I took this dream to mean that I had just somehow cleansed my channels of communication with any “higher powers” that were seeking to plug into me and download some helpful info.

Last night, I decided to go for Round 2 with the Iolite.  And I dreamed like crazy!  It was the kind of dreaming that’s extremely busy, involving multiple storylines and a cast of dozens.  At one point, I was riding in a car, and an assassin pulled up alongside on a bicycle, and tried to destroy the car’s engine by reaching over and smashing it, although I managed to drift dreamlike out of the carnage without being hurt.

And then – and this is what I took to actually be the most critical part of the dream – I got a couple of new tattoos designed to help me channel my energy, and then I went to a gym, so as to keep fit for the next surge of intrigue.  I studied the tattoos at this point, and was very dissatisfied with them.  They were meant to just be two bold, straight lines, both of them on my left arm, one on the outside of my forearm, and one on the inside of my upper arm.  In the gym, though, I could see that the tattoo artist had applied them in this shaky, meandering fashion, and they were kind of thin and spindly – not promising at all for performing their intended function.  And this was about where I woke up.

In metaphysical thought, the left side of the body is often viewed as the receptive side.  So I took this as a message telling me that I have to be highly selective now in choosing which sources will be allowed to plug themselves into my now optimized “socket.”  Just because I might have boosted my own receptivity, that doesn’t mean I have to accept every jack that gets poked in my direction (and yeah, I realize how that sounds, but it feels apt…).  Choosing my input wisely now…

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