Knight of Swords

IMG_4685So yesterday, I did a bunch of readings at a public event. I pulled cards for something like eight querents in four hours. For me, that qualifies as high volume.

Interestingly, the card shown here – the Knight of Swords, embodiment of the Air Element – showed up in just about every reading I did. At first, I thought that this must be some sort of meta-message for me. And sure, it might be.

But then it also occurred to me that the card kept popping up as I was reading for a whole bunch of people…so maybe it’s a message that’s likewise meant for a whole bunch of people. Namely, you: any or all of you here on the interwebs who might see this post.

So this is my gift to you: the idea that maybe this is a great juncture for examining how you might pay extra close attention to the business of Air right about now, said business to include ideas, communication, language, symbols, logic, math, and rational thought. Solve problems and puzzles, exchange notions, and maybe invest some time and energy into talking, listening, looking, reading, and writing today. Ride out on an intellectual-style quest, with the wind at your back, and spread the word of your kingdom!

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