Tarot: My Most Recent “Stalker Cards”…

I’ve posted before about “stalker cards” – the ones that seem to pop up out of almost every reading that you do for a while, because apparently, they have a lot to say to you during a given phase of your life, and you’re not getting the message.

For me lately, it’s these two, from this deck: Judgement and the 6 of Swords, from the Tarot of Metamorphosis.

Here’s how I’m boiling down the messages being stressed for me:

JUDGEMENT: “Dredge up all that buried shit that you know is there, the processing of which you’ve been totally postponing, and deal with it already!”

6 OF SWORDS: “Get yourself to some new vantage point, probably both figuratively and literally, take a few deep breaths, and then start fresh from there, dammit!”

COMBINED: “Cut the cords to the past that have been binding you and holding you back, and then you’ll make some real progress!!!”

Bonus factoid: I don’t post much in the way of selfies, and you can’t see the 6 of Swords all that well in the little window on your phone anyway, but in my own opinion, me and that Underworld pilgrim in the back of the boat look a hell of a lot alike…

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