Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Fool

Modern metaphysics seems to have embraced the associations of the Air Element and the Planet Uranus when considering The Fool. On the one hand, assigning correspondences like these can be really helpful, as they can serve as memory aids, and they can also add new shadings and layers of meaning to your own inner definitions for a given symbol. On the other hand, this practice can be tricky in that two complex systems like Astrology and Tarot are not identical, and almost no symbol from one will map flawlessly onto a symbol from the other…and there’s the additional danger of swallowing these correspondences whole without much critical thought, which can muddy the symbolic waters.

So what do you think about this one? Is the Air Element on-point as a symbol for what The Fool is about? Air to me implies concepts such as language, logic, rationality, communication…whereas I see The Fool as being a bit “before” or “above” such things, like a pre-language being who doesn’t really “think” as we know and define the thought process. The Fool just lives. The Fool just does. Maybe The Fool feels more like the Fire Element to me, if any Element has to fit here.

And what about Uranus? In Astrology, this Planet represents individuation. It’s about the unique, the innovative, the non-conformist in us. It’s rebellion and revolution. And I guess some of this could fit The Fool — the utter lack of self-consciousness in this character dovetails pretty well with the spirit of the individualist. Also, that whole stepping off the cliff thing does seem, in its way, like a rebellion or a revolution of sorts.

I have no final answers for you yet. Just thinking out loud…

4 thoughts on “Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Fool

  1. I can’t speak much for the Uranus connection, but to me the Fool as air has always represented the freedom and fluidity of his spirit. Yes, there’s definitely the intellective component of the element, particularly in Tarot, but I think the Fool captures air in the same way that the Knights do. He’s free, perpetually in motion, and always changing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jack. I’m not saying my way is “The Right Way,” or that the widely accepted correspondences are necessarily “wrong,” either…but I do find a lot of them to be imperfect and unsatisfying to greater or lesser degree, so I figured I’d post on the subject. And to slightly play devil’s advocate here…I feel that your terms — “free, perpetually in motion, and always changing” — apply at least as well to Fire as they do to Air… Again, not that you’re “wrong” if you like the Air correspondence! I just grapple with these things in my head a lot (and Fire isn’t perfect, either…)…

    1. Interestingly, the feedback I’ve been getting seems to say that people are largely cool with The Fool = Air, but the Uranus connection has been definitely less well-received. Of course, this is a pretty small sample size of opinions, but still…interesting…

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