1781: Astrology and Tarot Collide!

I’m a big fan of astrologer Steven Forrest. He’s made this point in various ways that I’ve really come to like. That point is that following the creation of the telescope, humanity seems to discover a new Planet or other body out in space at about the exact time that we, as a species, are ready to begin really examining the concepts that the newly discovered body will represent for us in astrological terms.

For example, Uranus – a Planet that for astrologers symbolizes things like upheaval, innovation, and rebellion – was discovered in 1781…and that discovery took place while the American Revolution was still ongoing, and less than a decade before the advent of the French Revolution. So with those synchronicities in mind, Uranus in Astrology really does feel like it’s quite arguably about revolution, sweeping changes, new paradigms.

And here’s another bullet-point to add under this heading… The year in which Uranus was discovered – again, that’s 1781 – was also the exact same year in which Tarot was transformed from being a simple pack of cards used for the playing of games, into a complex system reverberating with profound occult and metaphysical meaning. This transformation can be traced to the publication that same year of “Le Monde Primitif” by Antoine Court de Gébelin, a pivotal work in the evolution of Tarot.

So there you have it: another example of how Uranus may indeed signify revolutionary new developments with massive implications. And also how Tarot may indeed qualify as an entire new paradigm, and a metaphysical, Uranian revolution…

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