Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Emperor

The astrological symbol that’s most commonly paired up with The Emperor is the Sign of Aries. But how on-point is this match-up?

Aries is the Cardinal Fire Sign – this means that Aries-energy is often seen as being passionate, brave, impulsive, adventurous, competitive, and not the type to back down from a fight.  All of which can definitely help a would-be Emperor with the building and maintenance of an empire.

But Emperors would also seem to require additional layers of personality that don’t have much to do with Aries. Emperors need to cultivate the long-view. They need strategies and grand plans, patience and perseverance, tact and diplomacy. None of those things will tumble out readily as top characteristics when astrologers discuss all the things that make Aries, Aries.

Maybe The Emperor needs to also be tied a bit to the steadiness and structure of Saturn/Capricorn, among a few other possibilities…?

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