Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

When you talk about The Chariot in Tarot, the first proposed astrological association you’re likely to hear will be the Sign of Cancer. As with any of these suggested linkages, there are pros, and there are cons.

The Pros. Both symbols describe a vulnerable character surrounded by an armored shell. A human charioteer inside a protective conveyance on a battlefield does seem a bit like a soft crab ensconced inside its damage-resistant casing. That parallel works pretty well.

The Cons. That basic set-up just described applies much more accurately to what the Sign of Cancer is about than to the way in which the Chariot card often gets interpreted in Tarot. That is, Cancer is considered the most purely emotional – and therefore the most emotionally vulnerable – of the Signs. The Crab does seem like a great metaphor for Cancer-energy in that sense. The Chariot, though, is a battle-wagon, and it often seems to inspire related discussion, bringing up ideas such as victory, a marshaling of disparate forces into a cohesive unit, the overcoming of opposition. The focus feels more aimed at active war-making than at perceived vulnerability. In some ways, then, The Chariot might have more in common with such warlike astrological symbols as Mars and Aries…

2 thoughts on “Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

  1. I’m trying to imagine the chariot moving sideways like a crab. You’d need a sweet set of wheels. I always get confused by this association,so thank you.

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting. To be honest, I have trouble completely agreeing with most of these correspondences. I think they can be helpful at times, but I also feel like people swallow them whole without questioning them, and when the match isn’t that solid to begin with, that’s not great for anyone in the big picture. Then again, I don’t have a better system in mind, either. It’s a really difficult task!

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