Tarot Math

Most Tarot cards come bearing numbers. The Minor Arcana runs from the Aces (1’s) through the 10’s, and the only cards that cause any grief here are the Court Cards (do they get no numbers? or should we infer 11’s through 14’s for them…?). The Majors are even easier to handle in terms of numerics, with The Fool representing the only curveball – this card can arguably be either 0 or 22.

But have you ever used those numbers in readings, or to study relationships among cards? Have you ever tried to set up “card equations” to see if the energies of two or more cards will add or subtract to the energies of another card in a convincing way on the conceptual level?

Here’s an example: if you combine the energies of The Chariot (VII) and The Hermit (IX), will you arrive at a situation in which a Tower (XVI) comes crashing down? Does “7 + 9 = 16” truly apply here?

What about if you’re faced with a Death card (XIII) situation – can you somehow remove the ambient Hanged Man (XII) energies to transform yourself into more of an active Magician (I) figure? Can you perform such a 13 – 12 = 1 operation?

Do two Wheels of Fortune (X and X) add up to Judgment (XX)? Can we somehow work with multiplication or division here? Exponents? Kabbalah people do interesting things with numbers all the time – is this a technique that could be built more extensively into Tarot…?

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