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Most of us use Tarot in a rather “passive” fashion, in the sense that we ask for some guidance from Something Greater Than Us, and we hope that that Something will then speak to us through the cards so that we can make use of any wise counsel that might be coming our way. It’s a pretty reactive process: “Tell me, and then I’ll act accordingly.” And that’s all great – knowledge is power, and all.

But you can also use Tarot in more active fashion, too (and this is in addition to your reactive readings and meditations, not instead of). Consider trying out this simple exercise…

Take a card whose energies you want to encourage into manifesting in your life. Don’t draw this card at random – choose it voluntarily yourself. Maybe you want the “Victory” energies of the 6 of Wands informing your days, or maybe you’d like to have more of the conscious wizardry of The Magus at your fingertips. There’s no right or wrong here – whichever card you feel you need at this time is outstanding for this.

Then, when you next gear up to go to sleep, set the card up nearby. Acknowledge to yourself that you’re inviting the card to open up like a portal or a floodgate, and bathe you with its energies all night long while you sleep, so you can soak it all up. Then see if you notice any differences in the days that follow. Maybe nothing will happen at all…or maybe you *will* feel a little bit more Victorious, or just a trifle more Magus-like…

And keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming announcement here about the Tarot Toolkit Online Course!

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